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H e l l o


 We are more powerful when we empower each other.


What Our Customers Are Saying'

Twin Life Baking Company Holiday Platter
"Thank you for your support of our guild's Fall fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital.  The beautiful cookie trays were a popular item at the raffle.  The fundraising event generated $7,200 in profit that we have donated to the hospital's uncompensated care program.  Your donation added to the success of our event.  I'm sure you will see some business from guests that saw your cookies."

- Donna Lovin

(On behalf of the Mary Judson Brannon Guild)



It just got better


Cookies made with double love

Reeces Peanut Butter Cookie

Meet the twins

Cate & Amy



We are identical twin sisters with an uncontrollable cookie obsession.🍪


In a world of pre-packaged cookies, we are fresh-from-the-oven baking machines.

We have a fierce drive to build an empire made of scrumptious confection perfection. 


But first and foremost, we are badass-busy moms with families, (AKA) brutally honest taste-testers, and who are not afraid to tell us the absolute truth about our unique cookie creations.


TwinLife means we not only share each other's exact DNA, but we also have that secret something that no one can explain, just like our cookies.

We're a mixture of butter, sugar, ADHD, OCD, molasses, creativity, flour, vanilla, a little bit of salt, a package full of F-bombs, and whole lot of passion.

Fold in a bit of LOL to our RBF's and find out what the OMG in our cookies is all about.


Being a twin is having an innate sense of knowing.

Knowing how many sprinkles the frosting needs, and knowing what your family, friends & community needs.


And we think, you need a cookie, or two. 🍪🍪


TwinLife is our Superpower.

What's yours?

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. “ - Colin Powell 

This is for you Dad! ❤️


'Thank you to:

Brittany Bennet Photography, our Photographer & Visual Designer 


Twin Life Baking Company LLC.

"Our cookies are made with love in our own ovens."

Women Owned | Culinary Arts Degrees

Pacific Northwest

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