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Twin Life Baking Company

No one is you and that's your superpower! 



We've never burned a cookie.  

No joke.

How is this possible?

It's because of our superpowers.

We have them and you have them too.

Our superpowers may not be what you think.  No, we do not have magical powers that shut off the oven when our minds sense the cookie is perfect, but both of us possess our very own unlikely superpowers that we fully use to our advantage.

We are grateful to be raising our kids in a world where mental health is talked about freely, help is available, and the topic isn't taboo anymore.

We would like to share our story with you and how something like baking cookies helped us cope through debilitating anxiety.

Cate's story:

I was so relieved the day I realized I had ADHD.  To describe it is having 100 tabs currently open in your brain and not being able to focus on even one of them.  Living with the high anxiety that came along with it, also led to procrastination, forgetfulness, and a feeling of guilt.

At my peak of breaking, I would find myself at Amy's (we live in the same neighborhood, just two blocks apart) baking, measuring ingredients, mixing dough, talking about our kids, our husbands, while Alexa played our favorite songs over the beeping ovens as the timers went off.

Amy's story:

I live and breathe OCD.  I like everything clean.  ...CLEAN-clean...ok, like the cleanest-clean-of clean.  I used to feel crazy and embarrassed, until I realized it was a gift, especially in our baking kitchens.

I've made it my superpower!

My life is full of tight schedules.  I'm a busy mom and wife trying desperately to make each day perfect, which we know is impossible.  I'd fail again and again and quickly spiral into a tornado of anxiety.

Then I started baking.  Like Cate's story, we would bake for hours.  We would create, invent, experiment, taste, laugh and even cry a little.

Then something happened.

For just a few hours, our anxiety was gone.  I mean ZERO.  We had put our superpowers of ADHD & OCD to work and in return received bouts of true happiness & peace...a sweet business that we had to share with you.

We've turned our obsessions into superpowers by spending lots of time in what our kids have deemed the "cookie factory," all while creating the perfect cookies.

What's your Superpower?

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